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@fourof5zs I would caution anyone who would think of having a Nissen fundoplication to do every thing else possible before that ..Eat correctly… and if it is the only thing that holds a possible aid ….. know the track record of the surgeon on that specific surgery… I have post-operative gastroparesis.. A disaster.. life changing MISTAKE.. 1 in 6 FAIL… After that surgery I lost 50 pounds in 2 months .. I did not have 50 pounds to lose.. when the local GI Doctor prescribed a drug that was not FDA approved… that would have to be obtained in Canada.. I went to MAYO, MN… I had talked with a friend who was a Radiologist in Sweden… when I asked her about that non-approved drug.. she said, "Don't do that; I hope you don't have gastroparesis…" … She was Correct..

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@ken82 … your message went to my Junk Box. I try to check every couple of days, but been busy.

I agree with what you said. To me any surgery is last option. I tried my best to research my surgeons, but in 2001 not as many resources. .. many surgeons will tell you what they want you to hear.. they have done so many surgeries and have so many successes. The one that did repair of nissen in 2007 lied. He asked me before surgery if I would be willing to talk with future prospective patients about surgery. I'm sure he regretted that. One of his patients called me and I told him my story of how I still having reflux and have had a lot of pain since surgery and cannot get the surgeon to address. I found out the surgeon used a type of mesh he should not have used where he used it. The man said he would be talking to a different surgeon as I suggested.

I had gastroparesis a few years pre-Nissen. Propulsid worked well for me, but they took it off market. You took it for so many days and then off for so many days. I had to have a gastric bypass to repair the giant paraesophageal hiatal hernia that was causing my problems. My stomach now empties directly into my intestines. My bowels are slow to empty at times and I have dumping syndrome occasionally as I had with gastroparesis.