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Hello @lindsayskye

I would like to add my welcome to those of others. I'm glad that you found Mayo Connect! We represent a group of patients who seek to share our own experiences with others in order to encourage and support.

I feel the frustration that you mentioned. Many of us on Connect have had hard-to-diagnose problems and for many of us, it has taken a number of years to find the correct diagnosis and treatment. You mentioned seeing a neurologist. Did you have a complete neuro workup with EMG, EEG, balance and vestibular tests (like a VNG)?

As you mentioned speech problems, I would also encourage you to seek out a speech pathologist for a consultation and treatment. Speech pathologists are remarkable professionals who can often put the pieces of a puzzle together and help you with your speech problems (and sometimes with a diagnosis). Are you having word finding difficulties or other speech pattern problems?

Given the length of time that you have been dealing with these symptoms do you think it might be time for a second opinion? If you do so, I would encourage you to seek the second opinion from a multi-disciplinary team such as a university medical school or a Mayo facility. I would also encourage you to ask for lowest dose of all medication that is prescribed. Many times, in an effort to get you better quicker, a doctor will give you a high dose of medication. If I'm given any medication, I research it myself and if it is not the lowest dose possible, I'll call the prescribing doctor and ask for a new prescription in the lowest dosage available. I've taken some of the same meds you have with similar problems. Have you tried Cymbalta? It has some of the properties of Gabapentin/Lyrica and helps with pain. You might find that helpful.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you regarding your progress in seeking help. Will you post again?

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Hi I have tinnitus and many other nerve related symptoms for tinnitus 60 mg of Cymbalta plus 300 mg of gabapentin at night lowered the noise 80% I Consider that as a miracle I could not handle the loud pitch noise in my ears good luck I feel it for you I’m in so much pain all the time myself I’m going to visit Mayo in a week
I hope you feel better good luck