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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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@abopp2022 – can someone go with you to your doctor's appointments and the sonogram? Also, when the results come in, request a copy of the radiology results. This would prove helpful for you to have on hand if you need to see a specialist.
Does anything at all help mitigate the symptoms such as going on a fat free diet? I can imagine how fearful you are. Not knowing why you feel terrible is really scary. But, you're setting up the sonogram – confirm with them that you are to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. Keep track of everything – if and when you vomit, what you can eat that doesn't trigger symptoms, where the pain is, if it's full or sharp, non-stop or intermittent, if it takes your breath away. Does any activity make it worse? Can you sleep the way you normally do or do you have tender abdominal and/or back spots which make it difficult to sleep. Be sure to note any OTC and/or prescription medications you take including any vitamins, herbs or supplements. The goal is to provide as much information as possible to hopefully speed the time to obtain diagnosis. I hope you feel much better very soon.

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I've been in and out of the ER. Here's my full list of symptoms since my first post. Chest pain
Chest heaviness
Coming and going sharp pain under right ribs and occasional on my left side.
Lower and middle back pain
Panic Attacks
Not feeling like myself
Feeling like I’m gonna pass out
Hot flashes
Not feeling right

I had a fever and was vomiting so i went to the er last night, where they did a urine test and a blood test which both came back negative for anything. I dont know whats going on and im scared. im supposed to get a phone call about getting an ultrasound test but these people are driving me crazy being so slow with their results. My dad's about to have a cow with Medicaid.

Hi- Almost three weeks ago I had gallbladder surgery. I knew I would be in pain. I handled the pain fine until A week ago and I had the worse pain hit me I have ever had in my life!!!! Childbirth was mild compared to the pain I had. I went to the Er, they gave me pain meds, I had a temp, my breathing was compromised from the pain, I had pain in my right arm like never before, I was shaking the pain was so intense. They treated me with morphine, fentinol, dylotid, (please excuse my spelling) then lastly, Torodol. The only one of them that worked for the pain was Torodol. I know none of the pain meds are spelled correctly. Sorry. They sent me home. I got home, had my sister call 911 and went back. I was admitted. My surgeon admitted me. Now I’m on a pain medicine because I had back surgery on L4-L5, 4 years ago. It went fine until about 3 weeks later. Three weeks later, I woke up feeling sick to my stomach, chills , achy, took my temp and had a 102.7 temp. I had my sister come over to look at my incision and she did, there was a almost tennis ball hematoma on the incision and much gross stuff I won’t mention draining from the incision site. Long story short I ended up in the ER, then admitted, to surgery, doc did a debridement. I was treated for 5 days in the hospital, sent home with IV antibiotics for five months. I had a rare bone device infection. One that has haunted me. So I have take pain meds for the rest of my life. The reason I went into great lengthy detail is that’s me-Lol! But most of all because my gallbladder surgeon came to my room the next day after my whole night in ER and has accused me of being a drug seeker, told my son I was just seeking drugs , that I wasn’t in pain I was just seeking drugs. 😥 To shorten this story, I’m not a drug seeking person, if I am then I would have a hx of going to numerous Er’s to get them. Now about 3-4 months prior my family physician had mentioned to me about trying a pain patch in that it would control my pain for the whole day for three days, then I change the patch. Well, my son found out I tried the patch, screams at me, threatening if I didn’t get off so many drugs he would disown me, which he has disowned 😥me since yesterday, because I wouldn’t go back on the patch that the surgeon ordered now while I’m in excruciating pain. Oh I pray you all understand what I’m saying. I just want to know if anyone has had this type of attack after gallbladder surgery? Could it be pancreatic Cancer, pancreatitis, bile duct leak or what? Please help me 😥 I’m not a drug seeker just a excruciating pain relief seeker. Ask any questions you’d like because this story is super lengthy- if you read it- if you don’t, I get it, but I pray for just one persons response. Thank you, God bless you all- I am praying for all of you. 🙏🏻💕