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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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Hi, um not sure about everyones history but i know for sure my grandmother ended up having pancreatitis on top of gallbladder infection. She was sick in the hospital for days. Tomorrow May 1st im supposed to get a phone call about getting a special ultrasound. Im really scared as ive never been this sick before.

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@abopp2022 – can someone go with you to your doctor's appointments and the sonogram? Also, when the results come in, request a copy of the radiology results. This would prove helpful for you to have on hand if you need to see a specialist.
Does anything at all help mitigate the symptoms such as going on a fat free diet? I can imagine how fearful you are. Not knowing why you feel terrible is really scary. But, you're setting up the sonogram – confirm with them that you are to fast for 12 hours prior to the test. Keep track of everything – if and when you vomit, what you can eat that doesn't trigger symptoms, where the pain is, if it's full or sharp, non-stop or intermittent, if it takes your breath away. Does any activity make it worse? Can you sleep the way you normally do or do you have tender abdominal and/or back spots which make it difficult to sleep. Be sure to note any OTC and/or prescription medications you take including any vitamins, herbs or supplements. The goal is to provide as much information as possible to hopefully speed the time to obtain diagnosis. I hope you feel much better very soon.