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Gallbladder(?) Concerns

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Hi @abopp2022 – Family history does mean quite a bit when it comes to gallbladder disease. I didn't have gallstones, though often that is the underlying cause of gallbladder problems. Instead, mine didn't function properly. That was diagnosed via a HIDA Scan. To look for gallstones, a sonogram is done when you've fasted.

In addition to family history, gallbladder problems can be triggered by rapid weight loss, substantial weight loss, pregnancy or being on hormone birth control. Given your family history, you should be seen by a gastroenterologist. Be specific with the doctor the way you are here – the kind of pain, the location, who in your family had gallbladder problems. If a sonogram is negative and you aren't improving, the HIDA Scan is next. With regards to my family, my dad and 3 of my 4 grandparents had theirs removed so it was just a matter of time for me to have a problem.

I hope you feel better ASAP. Document everything – keep a journal or use your cell phone calendar to track symptoms and what you've eaten prior to pain. If you run a fever, make sure you are seen as quickly as possible.

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Try a liquid only diet for 24 – 36 hrs. This helped me get relief from the pain in the short term. Ease into an almost zero fat diet and small portion sizes. Do this if it helps you while you wait for your diagnosis. My symptoms weren't as severe as yours but the moment you get feverish go to the ER and refuse to leave until they diagnose you and help you.