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Bone broth and Crohn’s, PSC or breast cancer

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My daughter has Crohn’s disease as well as she was just diagnosed with PSC. She is seeing a gastroenterologist. I just had breast cancer for the second time last year. Both times it was caught early and I only had surgery and radiation and I am now taking anastrozole. We both started using bone broth this past week. I am hopeful that it will help her problems which are quite severe. I am also curious if this would improve my own health. I am doing everything I can to be healthy including eating right and getting exercise. If anyone has used bone broth and his hed really good effects from it I would be happy to hear it. As far as my daughter goes I’ve spent a lot of time on the computer trying to find something that will help her. Since bone broth is a natural substance we figured it was worth trying and are curious about other’s experience with it.

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I would like to see some response to this too. I have intestinal issues due to damage from severe Cdiff. I desperately need something for nutrients too, as I’m still unable to tolerate many foods that I used to that are healthy.

Hi. I use a powdered form of bone broth that I add to juice. My bone broth must be taken with something that has vitamin c, so I usually add 2 tablespoons to my orange juice. If I do not take bone broth, I tend to start getting diarrhea. I am on many meds, and I am pretty sure the side effects cause my stomach problems. With bone broth, my stomach is fine. I think bone broth may be wonderful for Crohn's disease, although I doubt gastro docs know much about it. In helping you with breast cancer, I have no idea. I also had breast cancer, and had a lumpectomy a year ago. I am on anastrozole as well. I drink a lot of organic juices, especially pomegranate. I also drink green tea, take turmeric, and eat a lot of veggies. I avoid sugar. But back to the bone broth…I think the stuff is very helpful, and the list of health benefits from taking it is huge. It is great for immunity in general, to have a healthy immune system. In that respect, it might be great for fighting cancer cells. Anyway, I hope this helps, and God Bless. Let's all aim for good health. It is not easy. Lori Renee

Hello @sandyjr. I’m sorry for all you’re going through. I have just gotten more test results back. Besides having Crohn’s, Gastroparesis , IBS, SBO, EOE, scare tissue, now I also have delayed colon transit. The doctors are pretty much at a loss. I see my GI next week to see if we have a “game plan” or not. In the meantime I started bone broth, acupuncture, bionite clay, PT, oregano pills, magnesium pills, papaya fruit and the seeds, which are awful!!! The papaya and seeds are supposed to have a lot of good stuff for your digestion, it’s the eating them that’s hard. Six months ago I started to get extremely bloated and it’s been painful. I’ve been looking for any relief to anything. Do some research on these things, so far my mixture of stuff has shown little improvement, very little. Due to all my issues with my stomach it’s hard to get all of that down in a day along with MiraLAX and linzess. I feel defeated and since the doctors haven’t been much help, I’ve experimented on my own. I can’t say the bone broth works but at this point I can’t say it doesn’t. It does have a lot of stuff that’s supposed to be good and help you( it’s gross tho, but so is barium and I know you’ve had that, lol) Also try the papaya. The seeds are a killer so be ready and depending on what you can handle. I take 1 every other day, otherwise they say taking 2 a day is all you should ( I’m no where near that yet) I think scar tissue is the big problem here but no one wants surgery, including me! What works for some may not work for others. But for now, I’m sticking with my “mix up” acupuncture, physical therapy, and at least giving it a good month to see what actually happens. Unfortunately nothing gets fixed overnight. I wish you all the best, research and give things a try, if your like me I’ll eat grass and dirt if it will help! Lol. Stay positive and let me know if you try anything and it works. I think my next step might be to Mayo to see about this bloat and scar tissue. Good luck to you 😊

I’m going to look into bone broth too, I just had a lumpectomy snd radiation, my breast cancer is hormone driven so I have to be careful what I eat and drink. Sending healing prayers to you and your daughter, please update!

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