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Dental question

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Perhaps other Members will post if they have experienced this. I hope this gets resolved for you both soon.

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It’s been a month since I found out about my tooth reabsorption and I came across 2 people in my gym class who had this years ago. So last week I had xrays, 3D scan and a root canal. I got to this early and one root was involved and in a good position on the cheek side, I think she said. She removed the pulp and put a temp filling and I returned this past Tuesday for the apioectomy.
She drilled a hole in the gum and cut off the bottom of the root and sealed it all up and put in 4 stitches which are being removed this Thursday…2 days…wow. I have to say both procedures were not as bad as I had anticipated.

I rested and iced every 15 minutes ( for 9 hours yesterday)….drank cold liquids and cold food. Had to sleep with head elevated.
No brushing. So I binged on Netflix and Amazon and babied myself. Today is warm soft food, not hot, and rinsing with salt water as often as possible. I have minimal swelling and no pain…just a minor sinus type headache this morning. Also no gym for rest of week and no wine (boo). It pays to heed instructions. Expensive , almost 3 grand total and I return to my regular dentist for a permanent filling soon.

So don’t ignore any type of pain or discomfort with your teeth..there’s a reason for the pain. Infection can occur and you could lose the tooth and it’s too near my sinus cavities, eyes and ears to ignore. My regular dentist caught it on my yearly xrays but, not being an endodontist, didn’t know what would or could be done.

So I can enjoy my granddaughters high school graduation weekend without looking like a chipmonk lol.

Regards from Florida Mary

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