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@katclub : It sounds to me as if your PT people are way too agressive. Can’t argue with 126 ROM at this early stage, but I got there in about twice the time frame (132 at 4 months). My sessions lasted roughly 45 minutes, starting with a 5 to 6 minute bike warm-up, then GENTLE exercises, maximum weight on leg 2 to 3 lbs. Never needed pain pills before or after, never had exceptional pain during or after PT. Mostly, I went shopping to some specialty stores nearby after my sessions. Each PT group has their own methods, but yours sound unpleasant.
Of course I did 3 sets of exercises at home, every day, for about 8 weeks, then tapered off to 2 sets. That seemed to be more beneficial than screaming-pain workouts with the therapists.
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Friday I skipped one excercise, just said no. The most painful part is when pt bends my knee and deep massages my soft tissue area. I had 15 minutes of heat and tens unit and 15 of ice machine but the rest is exercise. I’m liking the bike a lot, I’m doing one session at home most of the time since I try to walk a lot.
I do feel they are agressive😐 will just Jeep saying no to what hurts!