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Hi @johnbishop – both of my physical therapists (in-home and outpatient) measured my ROM with a special little tool on our first appointment and our last. They put it in my chart. I bet if you ask for your records you will see it there. I think it is one of the metrics they use to measure progress.

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Hi @debbraw, My next appointment with the surgeon and team is July 15th when I go in for an MRI and then a follow up exam. I'm guessing I may see that special little tool. I don't have any therapy related charts. I saw two different therapists the day after the surgery before I was released. One in the morning that went over what they wanted me to do at home for the recovery and one late morning to go through going up and down stairs and walking to make sure I was OK to be release into the wild ☺ I did tell them I was rehabbing at home and spend most of my time in the lower level – 14 steps up and down which I actually think helped me along with my recovery.

Argh…now it's time to take the compression socks off. This little piggy went to market…this little piggy – well he just needs to let go of the blank sock.

Another first for me today. Got on and off the lawn tractor multiple times without the cane and walked around picking up sticks from the winter storms while I was mowing the yard for the first time. Have a great weekend!

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