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JK: I am really glad that you, too, hate the gym. I used to go to different type gyms for on and off perhaps 7 years, and I had a big smile on my face every time I got out of there. As one of my PT’s said: he never came out of the gym, regretting to have gone. But liking to go is something else altogether!

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@ellerbracke When I go to water fitness classes I generally go at 9:00 in the morning but on the days when I do not do that I end up going in the late afternoon — it takes me that long to get myself motivated! Yes, afterward, I am glad I went, but going there is the pits.

@katclub Your ROM sounds great, congratulations on that. Your PT does sound very intense. My ortho does not want his patients to be in a lot of pain from PT, but they are all different.

@johnbishop I only knew my flex from what the PT measured it at but you can purchase that tool from Amazon for a fairly reasonable cost if you want to be able to measure on your own. I thought about it but didn't end up buying one.

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