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I’m one month after tkr and the pt is intense. I come home in lots of pain, laying on those tables has messed up my neck a lot also. I’m there 90 plus minutes. The 5 pound weight on leg is hard. I was able to use bike today got all the way around. Is more pain normal? I’m really feeling down about the process!

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@katclub, you may notice that I moved your discussion and combined it with a discussion titled, "Physical Therapy (PT): How long? Where did you do it?" I did this so you could join the other members discussing their PT experiences post TKR. If you are replying be email, click VIEW & REPLY so you can see where your post is now located and so that you can read through some of the other posts already made by members. In my own experience, one month is still pretty recent. It took me a great while. Everyone is different in how they recover and the speed at which they progress. How is your range-of-motion coming along?

@katclub : It sounds to me as if your PT people are way too agressive. Can’t argue with 126 ROM at this early stage, but I got there in about twice the time frame (132 at 4 months). My sessions lasted roughly 45 minutes, starting with a 5 to 6 minute bike warm-up, then GENTLE exercises, maximum weight on leg 2 to 3 lbs. Never needed pain pills before or after, never had exceptional pain during or after PT. Mostly, I went shopping to some specialty stores nearby after my sessions. Each PT group has their own methods, but yours sound unpleasant.
Of course I did 3 sets of exercises at home, every day, for about 8 weeks, then tapered off to 2 sets. That seemed to be more beneficial than screaming-pain workouts with the therapists.
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