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@butterflylan17 It is smart to start out slowly. I had been doing water classes prior to my surgery so the group knew me there. When I resumed I went to class late every day to do a shortened version. I like to be there at the end because then there is a lot of stretching, so I preferred starting late to leaving early.
We all need to be empathic to ourselves. Yesterday I wanted to try out yoga in the morning but my back was hurting and I didn't want to start like that. I questioned myself, was I just using that as an excuse, but I decided it really was a good decision. We can only do what we can do.
I generally do water exercises on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today I am just about to leave to do a session in the gym. I really hate the gym but I feel it's necessary, and at my age they say that it's important to do strengthening exercises. UGH

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JK: I am really glad that you, too, hate the gym. I used to go to different type gyms for on and off perhaps 7 years, and I had a big smile on my face every time I got out of there. As one of my PT’s said: he never came out of the gym, regretting to have gone. But liking to go is something else altogether!

@contentandwell : not sure where to find your posts regarding hip bursitis. I am wondering how you are doing? We both had the hip pain show about around the same time. I opted for PT, and it seemed to help things, at least some, and for a while. I kept up with 3 to 4 times weekly swimming 1/2 mile+, and was doing ok. Have put my indoor pool membership on hold (“open” times there do not work for me in the summer), and also have somewhat neglected my hip exercises. After 5 years of daily back exercises, about 7 months of knee rehab exercises after arthroscopic surgery in October of 2017, and now 8+ months of reduced, but still daily knee strengthening and flexibility exercises after right TKR last September, I am sick and tired of them. Will go back to OS and perhaps cave and try a cortisone shot. Hip pain is causing other issues…. left ankle hurts, developing callous on bottom outside of left foot, so things are off kilter. Are you all better now?