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I'm three months out from my left TKR. I was in the hosp/rehab facility for almost three weeks then home and started OP PT twice a week and exercises he sent home with me. Having the printed out exercises was gold for me as I'm a visual learner. Anyway, this last month was once a week plus home. Things are great thank goodness. I feel very blessed after reading some posts on here and pray for those who aren't. I am still having trouble with stairs, still using the sideways step on down. Up the regular way as long as I can pull up with the railing:) I would love to try some water classes but am rural and don't have access☹

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Hi @chigirl – Welcome to Connect! And congratulations on getting through that first three months of recovery. You and I are about the same point – I had my left TKR on January 29, 2019. Stairs & balance were the hardest part of PT for me. In terms of balance, I'm still not completely comfortable on uneven ground or walking at night. I'm a little better at stairs and at this point I usually go up and down with a reciprocal step – but not when I am tired or when the weather is bad! I understand you don't have water classes – how about yoga or even chair yoga? Is that something that might be helpful?

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