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Somehow my iPad lost the function “mention someone”, so consider yourself tagged. . Either one of you do so such strenuous exercises in the pool, you must be in great shape, and / or in a very good pool/fitness center. The one I joined did a super job of designing knee rehab exercises, throwing in balance and upper arm strength workout, but in the end for me I worked up to basically swimming. Distances. Mostly 800 meters, a few times 1000 meters. Good aerobic workout, loosening up knee, and life is good in the water. This center also offers a great variety of water exercise classes, but the timing - mid morning, but I’m already going places then - does not work for me. In SC. Where it gets pretty warm, pretty soon, both in the day, and in the season. So the mornings from now on out are for yard work. And planting. And pulling weeds. And harvesting - first batch of sugar snap peas 2 days ago. Spinach, lettuce, and radishes, of course. (Just in case there are gardeners out there). Who also can’t kneel well. Oh well.......... sorry to get off subject.

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@ellerbracke - You are making me jealous with your sugar snap peas. Yum. I'm in St. Augustine, FL and it's starting to get nice and warm here too. I really love to be in the outdoor pool when I can, but my wellness center pool is indoors. The nice advantage is that its heated so very comfortable all year round.

@ellerbracke I would love mid-morning, I'm a late starter. Our classes are at 9:00 and on Saturday at 8:30. I planned to go today but I woke up at 4:00 A.M. and couldn't get back to sleep so I was afraid if I went I would fall asleep in the water and drown. I will do the gym this afternoon. Back to bed for a nap shortly.

Your fresh veggies must be delish, no green thumb here, it's definitely brown -- everything withers and dies.