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Thank you, Debbra.....Yes, I feel quite strong in the knee/body. I do know when I've done "too" much, though. Knee feels "tight" on occasion, but while I'm not worried about my ROM, I know it still feels awkward when going down stairs the right way, not the way I use to do it. Just hoping that that's because it's still awkward doing it the correct way after so many years of guarding it and doing the "up with the good, down with the bad" scene.

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@emb123 I think stairs are the last thing that gets accomplished. I still feel good about it when I go up and down without having to hold the rail!

@debbraw What type of exercises will do in the water? I'm curious, wondering if it's something I might like to add to my own water routine. I do the class then do another 45 minutes or so jogging up and down the lane in three different ways. I do what is basically jogging, then I do a "faux breaststroke" with my feet still on the bottom, and then I go backward, raising my knees as high as I can.

@emb123 - I so much understand what you are saying. ROM came pretty easy to me, but throughout my PT, we worked and slaved on balance and stair climbing. Although I can go up AND down stairs w/ the reciprocal step that normal people use, I am still very much aware of my position. And balance is a lot the same - I still feel a little more unsettled than usual on uneven pavement or ground. From my experience on my first TKR, I expect both of these to improve in the upcoming months. I bet by the end of July, you and I are both going to see good improvement and more comfort! You mention stairs but not balance. If you don't mind sharing, how are you doing with that at this point?