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@grandmar I was watching T.V. when lawyers came on and said if your taking Lyrica, Cymbalta, Savella or gabapentin and experience bad reactions call this number It's 800 617 77?? If I hear it again I,ll get all the numbers I know I took myself off as the side effects where bad .Have a good day

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@lioness– These are commercials by lawyers who are ambulance chasers and they want you to sue so that they can make a pretty penny off of you. Don't fall for it. I bet everyone at sometime in their lives have had bad reactions to a drug. Unless we are unconscious it's our free will that opens our mouth and swallows, our responsibilities. If drug companies were responsible for everyone who had a bad reaction than that would be untenable. Go after your doctor or pharmacist or drug company if you didn't get a fact sheet with the drug. Other wise you are just making someone rich with your money.

I agree that those lawyers who do these ads are richer "ambulance chasers" because they can afford TV commercials and billboards.
The purpose I posted the article is for us to have conversations with our docs IF we are taking any of these drugs and having adverse affects.
I was NOT passing along the information for the purpose of a lawsuit.
I just wanted to share something I thought was informative.

Ronnie (GRANDMAr)