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Debilitating pain 6 months after knee replacement

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Hi @babette, I'm 20 days post op and am able to get around mostly with a cane. I do use the walker at night for bathroom trips. I have a recumbent bike / elliptical combo and can just barely use the bike mode now with the pedals extended as far as they go. I can tell it's much better for exercising the range of motion than the elliptical. I can only do 5 to 10 minutes at a time now but I think once I get a little more range of motion it will be better.

Going up stairs didn't used to be a problem with a crutch or cane but lately I get a sharp pain once in awhile at the joint below the left hip which is opposite of the knee replacement. I'm hoping it's just a strained muscle or ligament. I do take the stairs pretty slow though. ☺ I think what has really helped me was that I had been trying to get a knee replacement for a year due to bone on bone but because I described my pain level at 4 to 5 they wanted to try PT (didn't work) and steroid shot (worked until I knelled down on concrete a few weeks after the shot). So I worked on pre-knee replacement exercises and PT for around 3+ months daily until I was able to get the knee replacement scheduled.

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John @johnbishop - I think your "pre-hab" was a Godsend - just like mine especially on my 1st TKR. Sounds like you are doing great. Just FYI, my surgeon told me that pain in the "other" leg is not uncommon since that opposite knee & hip are having to do all of the heavy lifting so to speak. I bet when you get a little further into recovery, that hip pain will ease off.