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Dementia: Just diagnosed and scared

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I had no symptoms until I fell flat on my back leaving work, dr notes show I was disoriented but she thought was flexeral prescribed after fall she even offered to get me a ride home and changed to robaxin I had hip arthoscopy for torn labrum and si joint dysfunction still have pain in hip and back I continuously told my dr something was wrong I could be me she said anxiety and gave me zanex it did not help cognitive declined I asked for brain test may 2017 said white matter relative to age I asked to go to neurologist man neuro said anxiety propanal tremors were better but could not sleep had insomnia April to December went back to neuro same place woman tested refjuxes used rubber to tap body said anxiety and call behavior number on back of insurance card she was harsh and dismissive told did what man dr said neditate write read Jon Cabot ?read books she didn't care yelled go call number on card told my dr who said she is published and held high its anxiety see a psycolist went to mental health for anxiety had Zoloft didn't help for long gave clomazapan .50 it helped a little but still could not be me to,d doctors over and over something is wrong osteopath manipulation dr said get cognitive test got test had severe cognitive impairment and I would never work again and said good luck no offer of help I called next day as I needed to know why he said you need a better paychirist but you need a better your insurance for mental health gives you bottom of barrel paychirist I was devastated what d Io I do now? it wasn't till I went to the neck dr who said can fix pinched nerve and you have have a movement disorder I will refer you to movement dr and he saw pca on pet scan

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also have horrible tinnitus

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