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Dementia: Just diagnosed and scared

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@1977lizzy Do you have a Power of Attorney document? If so, his doctors would make recommendations that would invoke Power of Attorney so you can handle everything without question. You don't have to convince him. I know it's hard. You'll have to hide your doings to keep him from interfering. My father in law had ALZ and had angry outbursts. The best thing to do was just change the direction of the conversation and distract him with something else. He had been against updating the kitchen for many years (even just new wallpaper), and we got him to go along with it by complimenting him for picking out the new wall paper and it made him feel good to think he was in charge and getting attention for it. We did that over and over and he really was happy about it and the 30 year old wall paper was gone.

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Yes, I do have Power of Attorney. But……my husband is an attorney so I'm having to be very cautious. I'm taking things very slowly and not reacting to things he says/does…when I can Haaaa. He is now taking Zoloft for "impulse control" and it has taken the edge off his anger…unless I provoke him which I'm trying to be very careful about. After his next neurology appt. in four weeks, I feel I'm going to have no choice but to use my P of Atty. As everyone is, I'm balancing his issues with my own health concerns.