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Dementia: Just diagnosed and scared

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Several of you have shared about recently or some time ago getting a dementia diagnosis for yourself or a loved one, or wondering about a possible diagnosis. I wanted to check in with some of you. I believe your responses will be beneficial to all in this discussion.

@adah – I know you were feeling frustrated with getting to the real issue of what’s wrong with your son, with his weight loss and confusion. Have you gotten any further answers? What did the MRI you mentioned he was getting reveal?

@barbbie – how is your husband doing? Sounded like from what you shared here before he has an Alzheimer's diagnosis?

@1977lizzy – Sounds as though your husband underwent a lot of testing to arrive at his diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Wondering how your husband is lately?

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HE thinks he's just fine. Unfortunately, he has made serious financial errors, constant confusion and, for now, I've stood back because he doesn't want anyone to know he has ALZ. His next neurologist appt. is in June & I hope after hearing the doc urge him to allow me to handle business matters, he'll do so. If not, I'll have no choice but to become more aggressive which will make him very angry. I'm in an ALZ support group facilitated by professionals & have learned a lot. My mother lived with me for several years; she had ALZ but the dynamics were very different.

My son’s mri showed he had sinus inflammation. Took him today to Genectic Dr and they hopefully will be able to provide some answers.

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