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abdominal swelling/bloating after a double mastectomy

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I have had bilateral breast cancer with lymph nodes removed and I seem to have to fight to get proper treatment. I was discussing my request for lymphedema consideration when I went for blood work etc. and the surgeon blew me off. I asked her what if I had no arms and she said I was carrying things too far. This was at a cancer center that was connected to a hospital that had a trauma center! Goodbye surgeon. Another time I got a call from a nurse in my doctor’s office about adding “patient requests blood be drawn from the foot because of breast cancer.” The nurse made a comment about good luck with that (my words). If people got proper training, they would know about lymphedema and be able to give proper treatment. As a matter of fact, I have found two phlebotomists that will honor this. I do not get my blood drawn at the cancer center nor the hospital associated with it. Medical procedures always scare me now. The nurses/techs give you bs when you ask for proper treatment….you can’t get lymphedema if you only have 1 node removed…you won’t get if after 10 years…you won’t get it if they take blood from your hand…they can’t take blood pressure in your leg…it goes on and on. I am getting bilateral mastectomy/breast reconstruction (after finding out I have a genetic mutation) next month and am scared to death about my hospital experience. I guard my hands and arms like you wouldn’t believe. For me, the BC nightmare never ends. Thanks for you input.

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I am obsessive about no BP, blood draws etc. from my affected arm. I changed PCP docs once after her assistant ARGUED with me about BP cuffing that arm! (If it was a life-or-death matter and that was the only place they could draw blood or something, that would be different…). I wear a medical alert bracelet on that arm. I have had three surgeries, including total hysterectomy, for pelvic floor prolapse (unrelated to my BC, but it has been its own nightmare) and each time have worn a fluorescent pink “lymphedema alert— no needles, BP, etc” sleeve to surgery and during my hospital stay, with my doctors’ knowledge and consent. So far I’ve had no problems during surgeries.

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