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Neuropathy and depression and anxiety

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@ronva2co You are right about Xanax except in some instances, it's the powers that be that are putting limits or not allowing the doctors to prescribe Xanax. I have had to take Xanax for years because I have severe panic attacks (as in think I'm dying and being rushed to the ER). Since this med is a controlled substance, I have had to have bloodwork done four times a year to get my prescription renewal. For years my Dr. could prescribe a 90 day supply, but the last time I could only be given one month's supply at a time. So now I have to get to the pharmacy every month for Xanax, and I get panicky when the bottle is half full. I needed the assurance of three months, but no more. That's a government regulation, not my Dr. I just hope they don't deny my prescription. I can't imagine what my attack would be! My Dr. doesn't want me to suffer; it's the government and Big Pharma.

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Carol and others.

I have been taking 1mg with the option of taking a second one, for 14 years. There have been changes here in Oregon, as well, but having the option of a second one, and very rarely using it, I can maintain a stock. The same thing is true with my morphine sulfate contin. I get my scrips by mail order, and they are very good at keeping up with the prescription. Now that my doctor is able to send an e-prescription, I don't have to rush to the pharmacy every month. It was nicer to be able to get a 90 day supply, but my doctor and pharmacy do pretty well at keeping me supplied. My prescription for Ms contin is 3 per day, but I rarely take the midday pill. So, that keeps me ahead of schedule. My PCP has been seeing me for 13 years and knows that I'm not going to abuse any medication. I think he's relaxed a bit over the years, and doesn't see me as at risk of OD, though I did attempt suicide several times 14-15 years ago by over dosing. He sees me monthly because of the morphine, and asks how I'm doing with depression and other mental health struggles.

When the political panic started, some pharmacies would only give a 7 day dose of narcotics, but they made an exception for patients who are on a long term maintenance prescription. I have never been required to do the 7 day deal, thank God. Living in a rural area, it would be a major inconvenience, not to mention the fuel cost. At least I live 30 miles from the pharmacy now. For ten years it was a 3 hour drive each way.

The struggle I'm dealing with right now is knowing that beneath the medications is a disturbed psyche. While I'm not depressed or anxious or disabled by PTSD anymore, the awareness of those things is still at the level of my consciousness, and I feel like a medicated version of myself. I'm probably just missing the therapy element of my treatment. It's been several months since I saw a therapist. I quit seeing her because I didn't feel comfortable with her, and that's something that is important. The previous therapist was the best one I've ever had, but he had to leave for family reasons a year ago. I really miss him.

Time to quit rambling.