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Neuropathy and depression and anxiety

Neuropathy | Last Active: Oct 28, 2021 | Replies (74)

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My doctor is fully aware of my anxiety issues and I have been taking Cymbalta for several years.. Before that I was on several different similar meds that changed every few years.. Some made me sweat and be unable to wear sleeves or socks, so I just dealt with that until we would try something else.. Life is a roller coaster all the time… Today I'm highly anxious about my interactions with friends, doubting my social abilities and afraid that I've upset some by saying something they misunderstood.. it seems that I open my mouth and say what I'm thinking without being able to consider how it might affect them.. but I never know how I'm being perceived and making people want to avoid me.. I feel like I'm always being misunderstood and probably should just keep away from everyone… I don't think that I'm being paranoid, but truly just don't perceive social interactions correctly… and meanwhile I deal with the jingly tingly irritating feeling in my feet and lower legs… along with the inner turmoil of being so on edge and fearful of being around others… I worry all the time…

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Benzodiazepines like Xanax are very good at helping at anxiety.

Hi, @hotfoooted – how has the anxiety been for you over the holiday season? How is the jingly, tingly, irritating feeling in your feet and lower legs?