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@retiredteacher We are all different, that's for sure.

@grandmar Where did you live up north? I don't think we will ever leave New England, our lives are here. If my daughter had stayed in Virginia we may have considered there, but not NYC, Philadelphia, or Denver. Plus, our son was in Southern CA before so who knows where he might go next or if he will stay there. His fiancee is from SC but I hope if they do move to the East coast they come closer than that. She is a nurse, went to CA as a traveling nurse and they both loved living 2 blocks from the ocean, and now close to so many ski areas, so I try to tell them that Boston is where to be -- ocean and ski areas a couple of hours away.

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We moved around a lot from the time we got married, had kids, and my hubby's job changed.
We started in Bayside, Queens, NY
Flushing, Queens, NY
Yorktown Heights, Westchester, NY
Pikesville, Baltimore, MD
Hainesport, NJ
Lancaster, PA
Cherry Hill, NJ
Lumberton, NJ
Glassboro, NJ

@contentandwell You seem to be making an excellent case for life in New England, JK. They may get the hint, especially when they have kids and need Grandma and Grandpa to babysit for them😊