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Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse?

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Hi cwallen9:

If you can find it , I use a PN anti-pain lotion called NeuroFreezee. I finley went to from michaels amazing botanicals website and if I remember her name correctly is Katelan. Sometimes it fully takes away the PN pain in my feet when I use it only 2X per day, however that is not typical.

I have to put it on a lot and many times today or when I walk alot, as I planted some shrubs for my lovely wife this morning, my feet r really hurting tonight. I think I used it about 5 times so far and one or two more before the day is over. But I am very thankful for fineding it as I have been using it for about 3 years now.

But I live a fairly productive life style, but I do get a few looks wearing my old Birkenstock sandals.

Anyway, without that pain lotion I would not like to continue anymore as the pain is so great, I would just have to increase my Tramadhal and oxycodone opioid pain meds a lot. Whowever the problem with that is FDA is making doctors cut people way back. That is very stupid as the druggies will get what they want on the street anyway and we who have pain like we do get less ....."HOW DUMB". Education on the use of Opiate/opioid drugs is a good very good idea as more information is good, but what are we to do for the severe pain like some of us have. When I read about others, I think maybe my pain is not as great as some have, which really hurts my heart a lot.

Anyway, you asked like several do what I do for my PN and if you can get them to send you a sample I would greatly recommend it for a much far lasting pain lotion. I heard that they even make it with THC in an extra streangth version including lidocane and benzocane in the lotion. I would like to try that! I use the cooling lotion for my knees, muscle pain and even my arthritis pain as well. Works well and good!

Right now I have gone from 6 tablets of Tramadhal a day down to only 4 tablets, which makes me have a better day and I can function and live a more productive life style.

Lets see; 6 tablets a day with a even stronger HD 2 opioids and about $600.00 a month for a prescrition pain lotion that works fairly well and a life laying down and a lot of drugged sleep time OR "the Pain Lotion that I use for about $40/month and 4 Tramadahl a day and I can function and have a near normal life at 72. Very Simple choice!! I use the Nerufreese lotion any day and I have tried most every combination of stuff and prescritions including Gabs!

Because of the Nreuofreeze, I can now work 8-12 hours most days and my wife and I still travel a lot and I still have (now better) snuggle time as I am not dead yet.

Like others, I can not find it on Amazon but it was there. Just go to that website as that is what I do. I am not really complaining about my PN, it just hurts a lot but I am very very thankful for that lotioon. I have a bad headache coming on so I can not speell very well right now. Everyone have a great or at least a better day! MicTim

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Replies to "Hi cwallen9: If you can find it , I use a PN anti-pain lotion called NeuroFreezee...."

Hi @mictin
I'm a little confused by your post.
Do you mean "Neurofreeze" or "Biofreeze"?
The first appears to be used for scientific research, the second is a product containing menthol.