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Can Gabapentin make neuropathy pain worse?

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Obviously every case is different, but in mine I take 2700 mg a day. Alot I know, but before it my episodes would last an hour or so, it was brutal. Now, I still get my episodes but they last maybe 10 minutes to 15 minutes max. I don't like being on it, but my neurologist at the Mayo assures me it is ok. I always looking for other options, but no luck so far. Maybe an increase would help, as for me I would say taking it has not increased my pain, but has been a help in reducing episode length. Good luck to you, I hope you find some answers.

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What do you consider an episode? I have symptoms 24/7, pain, numbness, sensitivity to cold, heat, touch. I don't have episodes.

Hi Salsa,

How do you function on such a high dose of Gabapentine? I take 500mgs and that’s so strong for me. I have brain fog and can’t stay awake.

I’m new here as well I was diagnosed with SFN 1 year ago I take 4500 mg of gabapentin a day and 300 mg of Quespatine 1/2 in the morning 1/2 at night with 40 mg of Paxil at night for insomnia because of the pain . I still only get about 4 hours sleep . also for aniexty daily 1 mg 2 times a day Clonazepam . I had surgery December 23rd with a permanent Boston Scientific Tens unit all of this With no no help... as with others I’ve read Everything thinks your crazy . Going crazy the pain never shuts off know matter what you do or take . I don’t feel hot or cold sensations / I’ve even tried the bed stinging technique for Neuropathy was stung 10 on one leg and and 10 on the other 3 different sessions with a neperapin in waiting incase I had a reaction. Didn’t even know I was getting stung I asked when he was going to get started and I’d already been stung he said the stingers our still in your leg pumping the venom . Seems there is no help
Just live with it I just can’t swallow that .