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@hopeful33250. Hi Terri…Yes. there is that option and fortunately I do have an appt. with the only other doctor in California listed on the NTM list. I've often wondered if it is worth the effort going to either Tyler (will be in Texas next month so can pose that question there) or Denver. It is a little difficult to decide since I have very mild symptoms. I was quite sick several weeks ago but am a lot better now other than hemoptysis. Have stopped nebulizing after reading that it was likely causing a problem with the irritation. If that goes away I should be fine otherwise it will be another course of antibiotics which may or may not help but will definitely interact with the warfarin I am taking….All manageable but a pain nonetheless.

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@sayabola There is another member in our group whose mom was just diagnosed with that same kind of bacteria. Her drs don't want to put her on antibiotics to treat it either.Iam not familiar with this bug, but from what I have read; it is common for Cystic Fibrosis patients to get this. You can always contact the CF Foundation and ask for more info on that.