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I feel like Physical Therapy is making me worse.

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@lorirenee1, you are so right and I’m so happy that you responded! I have been thinking of you and hope that the Neurologist will offer you some help. I see mine on May 3rd. I also had a very high B6 elevation, the high end range was 125 and mine was 468! I have been off of the multi vitamin at least six weeks now. But, I’m hoping that things will calm down with time. I did order some R-ALA because I have heard that it can ease the neuropathy. Yes…I hear you about not trying to be the hero with all of this! But nerve pain is so crazy…I could take a walk and feel a little better one day but try it on a different day and I’m dying…let me know how things are going for you! -Laura

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Hi again, Laura, One thing I have learned; there is no rhyme or reason to neuropathy. I cannot count on a shoe being consistently comfortable, my feet pain feeling consistently the same way AT ALL…..so many things. I know it has gotten where my life revolves quite a bit around my feet, and I try as best I can to just keep busy. One thing I am taking that is helping, but it may be premature to talk about is the fatty acid palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) for short. It is taken for pain, does not interfere with meds, and you have to take it for about a month before you feel results. I have taken it about 3 weeks, and the last week, my pain is definitely less, but not consistently less, so I am giving it more time, and then will post to everyone. I take PEA CURE. You buy it on amazon. I am praying I get less pain on a consistent basis. Maybe give it a try. What is R-ALA? Never heard of it. Anyway, I go to my neurologist this Friday. I just had an abnormal EMG, so I look forward to talking to her. This all is just so hard. Anyway, do not do anything that makes things worse. You have enough to deal with. Please keep in touch. Let me know how your neuro appt. goes. Walk when you can. Don't when you can't!!!! God bless…..Lori Renee

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