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Any TKR graduates out there with noisy knee?

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JK – meant to ask how the hip bursitis is going. We both had it come up pretty much the same time, and I have more or less fixed it with exercises, although it may only have been part bursitis, part other issues. Since cortisone shots don’t do diddly for me.

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@ellerbracke Thanks for asking. The cortisone shots did help but I am still uncomfortable if I try to sleep on my left side. It's not nearly as bad as it was though. I have had so much more success with cortisone and Synvisc shots in my knees than I have with cortisone in my hips. The only doctor who really did a great job is in Boston and I thought I could take the easy way out and go to the doctor in Manchester (NH) who I had been to for Synvisc shots. If I need them again I will probably head to Boston. I know that weight can cause problems and back when I had problems before I was much heavier, but I gained about 10 pounds back and wonder if that is what caused the bursitis to flare up again.

It's too soon to know if the exercises are helping or not. I have only been to PT one time and that was primarily an evaluation and he showed me some exercises to do at home — clamshell, reverse clamshell, bridge — so I am doing them. I really think something I do when I use the gym at my health club must be contributing but he had no suggestions about that.

I will definitely try to remember to ask him about knees when I go on Thursday. I will send myself a message to remember.

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