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Gabapentin side effects?

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Hi there,
Well, it’s nothing to write home about but here it is.
I took Neurontin / Gabapentin soon after it came on the market about 25 years ago.
This is an Anticonvulsant or an AntiEpilepsyDrug (AED.) All AED’s that I’m familiar with cause drowsiness, possible headache, dizziness & coordination issues. This like other symptoms can go away after taking it for awhile. Although I was hospitalized with Ataxia while on it. I was trying to visit a friend but kept veering off to the left. I had to yell for help since I was getting farther & farther away. Quite an interesting experience actually.
Gabapentin is a nonlinear drug used for Focal Aware & Focal Impaired and bilateral Tonic Clonic Seizures. It’s probably now more often used for various nerve pain than seizures, just a guess really. Is it helping your problem? I took the max dose of 3600mg. It never helped my seizures or Polyneuropathy. I knew one man on 7,000mg.
NEVER stop any AED abruptly, it can cause a severe seizure, Convulsive Status Epilepticus.
Your tiredness may go away anytime, then again, you might end up like me (Awful thought, I know.) o I’ve been on AED’s for 52 years and I’m still tired. You may want to ask your doctor and pharmacist of the chance of developing peripheral neuropathy from taking this medication.
Hopefully it will go completely away soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got better but be prepared either way. I have known an untold number of people on these meds and many did get over the tiredness.

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I too was prescribed Gabapentin. After doing a little reading, I decided against taking. The side effect scared me away. I’ll try anything to not be on so many prescription drugs. I don’t wanta feel tired and lethargic.