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Exercise following knee replacement

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@emb123 With your ROM, it sounds as if you do not need to do specific knee therapy exercises, and what you do for exercise will suffice I think. I do a lot of exercises both in the water, in a gym, and on my recumbent bike. When I do water jogging I very consciously bend my knee as well as I can. The gym exercises are not really knee-oriented but I do use the elliptical which I think is a good knee exercise.
I've had flat extension forever, but I sure wish I had your flex!

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You wish for more flex, and I was truly frustrated that I could not get my knee flat for months! Would be nice if everybody got both, and soon, especially if one puts in all the work. Out of curiosity I went back and checked my Oxycodone pill bottle. Had a prescritption for 42 pills, have 20 left. So taking only 22 means perhaps 5 to 7 days after hospital discharge. In hindsiight I should have been more generous using them, but oh my! The freedom of finally getting out of the house and behind the wheel, all by myself!

Thank you. I have to tell you, yesterday I went to my volunteer position at our local hospital emergency room. The hospital has been undergoing major renovation and we have an entire new wing and main entrance. Went over to check it out with another volunteer and saw the huge amount of stairs going up to the second floor……Did they have an elevator, yes, but I decided to try the stairs. We did GREAT. All the way up, walked around the new med/surg unit, and all the way back down. Before knee replacement, I definitely would not have tackled that, it would have been the elevator. I do think our "dog walk" is the best medicine, both for our body and soul.

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