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Your experiences with IBS

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Bone broth has very much do with maintaining a healthy gastro intestinal flora in a natural way. And a healthy gastro intestinal flora is the basis to healthy auto immunity and immunity. Please research bone broth and take it. Buy some high quality at your local health food store, or I am happy to tell you where I purchase mine. I happen to get mine from one vendor on Ebay. My mom had severe, chronic constipation until she got care from a Filipino caregiver who knew of using Papaya in place of the Metamucils, and various other gastro meds the gastro docs had my mom on. I would say that within about a week, my mom's stomach was totally normal, and never gave her a problem again. As far as the colonoscopy, I would not let a gastro doc touch my colon with all that long tubing down my colon. (or up my colon.) Why risk your whole colon in that procedure? Especially since you have not had cancer twice already. You can do that cologuard or that new blood test for colon cancer. Can you imagine how much money that colonoscopy procedure makes? Forget about it. Dangerous. Of course the docs will not acknowledge you got sick right after your colonoscopy. Imagine the money lost. Good luck. Try to stay as natural as possible. Keep it simple....God Bless. Lori Renee

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I have to agree with this. I also use bone broth to make my soup that I eat everyday for lunch and I make sure it doesn't contain yeast and other junk. I am looking into the papaya and might give it a try.