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Your experiences with IBS

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Can't help but wonder if those colonoscopies were some kind of abuse to your colon. Did some kind of damage. Why would these problems start? Do you have any instinct in your soul what you should eat to heal yourself? Are there certain foods that you seem to do good with? Eat those. Stay with those. Even if you have to eat them a lot. Ginger grated into hot water is healing to your gut. Sip it. Don't let yourself get underweight or malnourished. Really try the bone broth. Easiest to use. Try it for a few weeks at least. Then try the papaya for a few weeks. It is hard to be sick. Very hard. Lori Renee

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Hi @lorirenee1 - Thank you for your reply to my post. I definitely blame the colonoscopies for causing me such problems especially since they started out of the blue. I had my second procedure in August and was back in her office in mid September because I was having these problems (interesting timing). I was really surprised and disappointed that my dr didn't even suggest that these procedures could cause this kind of thing to happen to some people, because I personally believe it to be true. I think that the stripping away of the good bacteria in my gut, twice in a 6 month period, was just too much and left me totally depleted of what was necessary to keep me healthy and have everything in balance. I have found that strictly following the FODMAP plan is making a big difference in how I've been doing. My nausea has gone away and I have less abdominal pain issues. I think that the acupuncture is helping a lot, as well as the "gut healing" smoothie that my D.O. has recommending to me. I haven't heard of using bone broth for these problems but everything is worth a try, thank you very much for the recommendation!