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Your experiences with IBS

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Hi there, I do not have IBS, but I have an illness which creates digestive issues which can be very bad. There are two things that are very helpful. One is that I use powdered bone broth in juice at least once, sometimes twice a day. If I do not, I can be guaranteed extreme diarrhea for days after. I must use this. If you want more info about this, let me know. Bone broth helps your whole immune system and leaky gut, in general. Another amazing thing for your digestive system is Papaya. It is loaded with enzymes that normalize a bad belly. You will neither have constipation or diarrhea if you eat it. My mom was in a wheel chair and got very bound up being in one, and her care giver fed her daily Papaya. All constipation disappeared. Good luck. If you need more info, please get back to me. Lori Renee

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Is the papaya a capsule or what? They use it where I work for tummy stuff also

@lorirenee1 Hi Lori. I do have a question. Why powdered both broth rather than just drinking bone broth?

I don't recall ever buying fresh papayas and am not even sure how to prepare them! I always get papaya and mangoes confused. I do like one of them, but not the other. I eat a lot of fruit, but not papayas. I will check to see the calories in them.

Thanks for the tips.