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Your experiences with IBS

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Hi J.K. Thank you for your reply. I don’t know if this would apply to your chocolate issues but I’ve been reading here today about fructans and f.m. - fructose malabsorption. I’m interpreting that to mean any type of sugar, in any amount. Fruits, certain vegetables by nature (carrots) can trigger issues. Perhaps there is something sugar-like in your chocolate even though it’s Dark. I hope this possibly helps, I’m new to all of this but am seeing things here that make a lot of sense for me regarding this topic. Best wishes to you and thank you for being a Volunteer Mentor!

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Thanks, @harmonyln I don't think it's the fructose or sugar, I eat a lot of fruit, especially berries, and have no problems with vegetables, carrots included. It may not be chocolate, I am still working on this. I am being scrupulously careful about not eating a speck of anything dairy, not even small amounts which I can generally handle if I take 3 Lactaid. I have been good for two days now so maybe tomorrow I will try a piece of dark chocolate and see what happens. I hope nothing, I love chocolate and I consider it one of my few treats. We all need something that we really enjoy to look forward to.

Regarding your next post, whatever I have, IBS or just lactose intolerance, my only problem is the big D. I don't have any stomach discomfort at all! I don't suppose that peppermint tea would help with that. I am at least glad that I finally figured out, after more than two years, that it's not a problem simply related to my immunosuppressants, but a problem that the immunosuppressants triggered and that I can do something about. It has gotten worse and worse over time.