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Your experiences with IBS

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I am sorry to hear about your illness. I have had IBS-D all of my life. Then I got C. diff. after Antibiotic usage. I have tested negative but still, experience extreme upper abdominal bloating and pain and stretching feeling (like my abd. will burst.) I had also been on the low fodmapdiet for a year. So my point is ...I have been sick since 2/17. Just tell your friends you are fine. Tell the truth to family and get a second opinion from another G.I. person. Post your pain on the blog.

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Hi Sue, Thank you for sharing about your experiences. I am sorry that you have been sick for such a long time now, you must be exhausted and frustrated by it all. I can certainly relate to what you said about the abdominal bloating and pain, I've not found one single thing that provides relief, and I have tried many. For me it seems that only time and waiting is out is my only option with these issues. I agree with you that a second opinion with a different GI specialist is my next step. Thanks again for your input, it's very much appreciated.