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Your experiences with IBS

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Thank you very much for your reply! First off, let me say that I'm sorry to hear of your distress, it's truly awful to be so sick. I started to strictly follow the FODMAP diet in mid February after I finally accepted that things weren't going to improve the way that they were going. I've lost 19 lbs in the span of 2 months, some of which I could stand to lose anyway but certainly not that fast and for the reason behind it. I just made the horrible mistake of eating Whole Rolled Oats after reading that small amounts of oatmeal are allowed on the FODMAP plan. Major mistake on my part, it was supposed to be Quick Oats. I've been very sick for the past 3 days and you couldn't pay me to have another bite of oatmeal regardless of the type. The types foods that I know don't make me sick in one way or another seems to be shrinking and eating has become a real challenge and something that is actually scary to me. I've asked for a recommendation for a dietician and nothing ever came of it, I definitely want to see one and will press this issue. I am seeing my D.O. tomorrow and will ask about the probiotic that you mentioned. My G.I. dr had recommended Align to me and it made me feel really nauseated but I hung in there for a week or so. Finally I read the fine print on the box and it said that it contained milk! I knew in an instant that that was what was making me so sick, immediately stopped it and improved right away. For the life of me, I can't understand why I G.I. dr who is treating someone for IBS would suggest anything with milk in it, regardless of the amount- especially since she was the one who suggested the FODMAP diet to me in the first place. I'll do some research on how an integrative dr can assist me, I probably should check first to see if my insurance covers this. Thank you again for sharing your story, I'm grateful for your input since you understand know what this feels like and what an impact it has on all of us who suffer. All my best to you!

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I’ve been reading quite a bit about the positive effects of peppermint tea and peppermint oil (aromatherapy) in providing relief of symptoms caused by IBS - abdominal pain, cramping, nausea and the like. Most definitely worth looking into. I hope this helps if you decide to give it a try.