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sternal wire removal

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When they cut the Sternum they cut Bone and Cartilage. I've been told the Cartilage doesn't grow back together like bone does, hence keeping the wire in for the rest of your life. Is this not true? Even 2 years after my surgery I feel my chest is not as strong and simple tasks like opening a door, I can feel my chest twist unless I am straight in front of the knob as I pull the door open. Same thing when opening drawers. Stand in front and pull with both arms. It really is uncomfortable.


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@bruce5 I had by pass surgery where they cut into the sternum and after the surgery I still had a pinching area in the surgical area I went back to my surgeon had xrays taken and they found the nerve didn't unite as it should have so I was sent to the anesthist and he injected where it hurt that was 24 yrs ago I have had no problem since . Before the injection it even hurt to breath . so have you talked to your surgeon about this ?

Once your sternum is cut like that - wires or no wires- it will never feel the same. I ended up with infection, had wires removed and peck flap surgery and I still have the same issues you describe. It took me few years, but I have learned to live with and compensate where I have to. Consider what the alternative would have been if you had not done the surgery. I wouldn’t be typing this text. Perhaps looking at alternative may help you also deal with this. Stay strong! 🙏🏻