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Pain since prior to gallbladder surgery

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@christina315, do you go to ER as soon as one of your attacks begins? This past year I had 12 attacks that sound similar to yours, but after my first trip to ER that showed nothing, I stopped going but had multiple ct scans and lab work. Fast forward to February of this year, when I went in immediately and technician saw volvulus bowel. That discovery led to emergency surgery and nine days in the hospital. I encourage you to get to ER as soon as possible at onset of pain and ask them to check for a blockage. Good luck.

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I usually do not go at the onset. I tend to go day 2-3 after attack started because I tend not to be able to withstand the pain by that point and usually my vomiting and diarrhea are getting worse by then
Lately, I try to bite my tongue because I go to the ER they dont see anything wrong with my blood tests other than dehydration when my diarrhea is worsening. Then they send me home and tell me to take nsaids or tyenol which do nothing.Even when given opioids it only brings me down a pain level 7. I just do not know where to turn to its impacted my family, career and wellbeing in general. Thank you for the insight. I hope you are getting resolve for your health issues.

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