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@joybringer1 I had lichen planus – which felt like razor cuts all around my gums. Is that the same as burning mouth? Initially I was given a (steroid?) injection all around my gums by an oral surgeon I was referred to. This cleared up the lichen planus as well as my psoriasis, but both returned with a vengeance after four or six months and I went back to ask for another injection. She said the injection was not a permanent solution and referred me to a dermatologist who put me on Methotrexate, which kept it and my psoriasis under control. I had to titrate down on my dosage because of history of fatty liver disease and at the lowered dosage psoriasis has returned on my scalp with a vengeance – but my mouth is still clear! I find eating mushrooms causes a recurrence still, but not as severe while in Methotrexate.

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@rashida I have recently diagnosed Lichen Planus, which is why I'm trying Curcumin capsules now. Nothing the doctors or dentists prescribed had helped much. I also apply CBD Oil directly on the mouth lesions, which takes the pain away for a while and, I think, helps to heal the lesions more quickly than other things I've tried.

@rashida, my diagnosis was burning mouth syndrome. I wouldn't describe my feelings like razor cuts. My mouth, tongue, and lips felt like they were on fire. In the winter, I used my cold hands to press on my lips and I sucked on ice for inside my mouth. I kept telling the doctors that the inside my mouth felt like a garbage can. Not sure why I chose that comparison. That is under control with the Clonazepam. Razor cuts would describe what is going on in my vulva area. That was diagnosed as lichen sclerosis. I surely have not been cured of that. I do not believe there is a cure. I go from one flare to another very rapidly. I use Halobetasol and a compounded numbing ointment. Prior to that, I used Lidocaine/Prilocaine to numb. My scalp does burn and I use Head and Shoulders shampoo. My dermatologist just said I had flaky scalp. Nothing really helps that, but my PCP recommended 20 mg. of Amitriptyline at night. He was hoping it would help both areas. I suppose it could be worse, but sitting can be very painful. Sometimes I sit on an ice pack. If I were you, I would drop eating any mushrooms. I wonder if there is any connection between lichen planus and lichen sclerosis. I will have to look into that. I am sure you are as tired as I am of looking for help. Onward and upward! @joybringer1