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@rashida, I do not have your specific medical issue, but for my burning mouth syndrome, I take 2-3, clonazepam, .5 mg. daily. If you think this would be of benefit, you may wish to discuss with your doctor. I cannot imagine all the issues you have. Our mouthes mean so much to us. What terrible pain in such a sensitive area. May you find something that will help you. Best wishes, @joybringer1

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@joybringer1 I had lichen planus – which felt like razor cuts all around my gums. Is that the same as burning mouth? Initially I was given a (steroid?) injection all around my gums by an oral surgeon I was referred to. This cleared up the lichen planus as well as my psoriasis, but both returned with a vengeance after four or six months and I went back to ask for another injection. She said the injection was not a permanent solution and referred me to a dermatologist who put me on Methotrexate, which kept it and my psoriasis under control. I had to titrate down on my dosage because of history of fatty liver disease and at the lowered dosage psoriasis has returned on my scalp with a vengeance – but my mouth is still clear! I find eating mushrooms causes a recurrence still, but not as severe while in Methotrexate.

@joybringer1 – my lichen planus does not cause the burning of my tongue and mouth, it’s @cmtg who suffers from this. I get sores on my cheeks and gums and my whole mouth feels like I have hundreds of razor cuts, making it difficult to eat or drink.

Thankfully after the last flare, Fluocinonide gel 0.05% (brand name Lyderm gel) cleared it all.

Isn’t Clonazepam prescribed for anxiety?