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I have lichen Planus Orally, in the genitalia , and on my skin. Some form of anti inflammatory is regularly prescribed! There is no cure but you cam maintain a reasonably pain free life if you don’t let the lesions overwhelm you. I see 3 different Dr’s as they each treat a different body part. But I am reasonably pain free and am able to eat. Best of luck. My Gynecologist refereed to LP as the Trifecta. I have had the disease for about 37years. The treatment is much better now! Foods that aggravate my symptoms are: Any small amount of dairy, any nuts, acid foods and alcohol. Best of luck!

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@maryz 37 years? Do you go through remission years or is it always popping up somewhere? None of the nurses I knew and even the first dermatologist I went to had even heard of lichen. I had my first breakout about 1.5 years ago and the only places it wasn’t was where people could see like my face and hands. I had sores on my scalp thank god covered by hair but my hair did thin for a little while. I was seeing a dermatologist who kept saying it was the soap I was using and to come back in 6 months and another 6 months. It was a hot July day when my neighbor a nurse saw the blisters between my toes and the sores all over my calves and was clearly grossed out. She said “you need to go to a different dermatologist asap this is not a soap allergy. There’s more doctors involved but I’m boring myself. Did they even know what LP was 30 years ago????

Hi-recently diagnosed-oral and vaginal. I am doing a steroid gel and a swish with an anti-rejection liquid. I am getting overwhelmed. I am so obsessed with checking my mouth! Some days everything looks somewhat normal and then I will look later in the day and my gums are red and my tongue looks swollen and scraped!

@maryz and any other LP person - how do you get your calcium if you don't drink milk?