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Whipple procedure and follow up chemo

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I had the Whipple on 2/8/19. I can eat, even much more than I should considering the "small potions" instructions I received after surgery. I got into trouble after I got hoe as I was on a high protein diet, and my stomach could not yet handle it. I ended up back in the local hospital for a week. I am not taking any enzymes, as I had a follow up check up at Mayo Rochester on 4/1, and the experts said I was doing well, and did not need the at that point. I lost of 40 pounds before and after surgery. I have gained back 4+ lbs. I do not know if I will ever get back to 204, but will settle for 185. Went down 4 inches on waist size, so had no jeans to wear. Most of my shirts are XL, but luckily, some are larges.
Now and then I may have some pain after eating, especially if I east too much. Had a small problem with diarrhea, earlier this week, but took some Kaopectate, and it took care of the problem. I start Fiofirinox chemo on 4/22, so I am pretty sure diarrhea and I will be meeting again for 6 months. Oncologist says she can help with it. Best to you and your husband. It is a difficult journey that we are on, but one must stay positive, which is not an easy thing to do.

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Hey @dakotarunner, just checking in. I think you just started chemo a few days ago and I was thinking about you.