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Whipple procedure and follow up chemo

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My husband celebrated his one year Whipple surgery in February. He had a “rarest of rare tumors”, no spread, but no available prognosis since
follow up treatment is unknown for his bizarre tumor cells. He is now taking Creon enzymes to help with pain after eating, but he still suffers from unexpected diarrhea occasionally. Very disconcerting when you are driving or in a social situation. Do you or others have the same problem?

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@moo1 I had my Whipple in June of 2014. I have been on Creon since that time. I take 2 capsules with each meal and 1 with my bedtime snack. Very seldom do I eat anything between meals. For me, the only time I have problems is when I forget to take my Creon (typically at bedtime) or when we have a family gathering and I snack on food all day (basically, i eat more food than I take Creon for). Even then, it is a couple of days later before I have problems. There are several factors that affect how much Creon you need take. Your husband may want to talk to his doctor or contact PanCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network) for advice.

Creon needs more explanation from its manufacturer, or maybe they just can't cover all the side effects. I still can't get it right, between bloating and loose stools. If I take it with meals, I get bloating from gas and regular bowel movements. If I take it 30-60 minutes before meals, there's no gas problem, but I get loose stools and sometimes diarrhea. My Whipple surgery, Jan, 2019, was successful, and I have no other underlying conditions. After surgery, and during my five months of chemo and radiation, my GI doc and my oncologist had me taking 75,000 IU of Creon with each main meal and 25,000 with snacks over 200 calories. I'm still doing that, trying to figure out how to strike a balance about when to take it–before or with. I'll be grateful to hear from anyone with ideas and experience.