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My first hearing aid was a bi-cross system, fitted in the early 80s. I was resistant to wearing a hearing aid of any kind then, but I did find it helped. I used the bi-cross and it's next generation for about 15 years. It was fit to the 'better' ear. I learned, through testing, that I should have been fit with 2 hearing aids. I'm sure my resistance was the reason why the hearing professional promoted the bi-cross. In time, tests showed that I had sensory deprivation in the unaided ear. At that time, I learned about direct audio input (DIA) microphones, and graduated to a single hearing aid that allowed me to use that hard wired mike when I needed directionality. (Think streamers today.) In 2005 I decided to consider a cochlear implant, and learned I was a candidate. The surgeons wanted to implant the ear where I had worn hearing aids for so long, but I balked because I didn't want to lose what little hearing I knew I had with a hearing aid. (I was hearing quite well when using hearing assistive technology; think FM systems.) At my insistence, the ear that had been deprived of sound was implanted. I've had incredible success with the CI. I'm so glad I did it when I did. At this point I should be a candidate for a second CI, but because the two technologies work so well together for me, I don't qualify according to Medicare. It's amazing though, because if one of the two technologies are not working, my hearing ability drops like a rock. My brain has rewired itself to be bimodal. I encourage anyone whose hearing is getting worse and worse to consider a cochlear implant.

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Hi @julieo4, since your worse ear had sound deprivation for so long (15+ years) , how long did it take for your brain to recognize sound and speech after the implant? My audiologist told me that the success of CI highly depends on how long that ear has been "not used".

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