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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Oct 17, 2023 | Replies (62)

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@glendamoseley This is how the inhaled saline can be beneficial. The saline is 7% sodium chloride. It is inhaled as a mist by using a nebulizer. The benefits are that it adds moisture to the phlegm making it thinner and easier to cough up. Phlegm is often very sticky and clings to the insides of your lungs and bronchial tube. Thick phlegm is attractive to mac and pseudomonas. They look for goo to colonize in. It also causes a mild irritation which sometimes will induce coughing. You want that. You want to cough up as much gunk as you can. Did your mom ever tell you to gargle with warm salt water for a sore throat? Well, it is kind of the same concept. You are putting a salt mist into the lungs. The salt kills bacteria or at leadt makes it inhospitable to bacteria. It is good lung hygiene to nebulize saline twice a day. I will pull the saline chart next for you to look at. Back in a minute.....

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Replies to "@glendamoseley This is how the inhaled saline can be beneficial. The saline is 7% sodium chloride...."

Hi Terri,
Thank you so much for this info regarding saline solution. So I need a prescription from my Pulmonologist?
I never saw the chart.
Also, on another response you sent regarding questions for my Dr. Thank you again. I have learned more from this forum than my Drs. I am assuming those questions are for both pulmonologist and ID Dr.
You mentioned an older mentor with great info. How do I find her ?
Yes I will be seeking Dr at Mayo. Any suggestions on nebulizers?