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Exhausted from digestive conditions

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Yes, I am having PT and doing stretches for PFD. The PT is awful and the worst of it hasn't begun yet. Eventually the PT that's going to be done is called bio feedback. It's totally not for the weak minded. Luckily, most of the time, i'm able to makes jokes during the PT because it's humiliating process so finding humor in what's being done is the best way for me to get through it. Unfortunately the nights of the PT im up all night in pain. Definitely not laughing at 3 AM.

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@eppie I'm really sorry that you have so much pain with the PT. That sounds just terrible. Biofeedback is more about mind training, isn't it?

I’m with you. I try and crack jokes and make fun of myself and the situation just to get through it. But sometimes it’s to painful and hard to crack jokes, because it’s not fun or funny. And sometimes it’s ok to cry it out. I don’t like to, but sometimes you just can’t help it.

I’ve been through that PT twice, but it started to work the second time. But I loved my therapist.

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