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Cold feet

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Aceg and Teresa Logan – Life is complicated, and the human body even more so. There are several reasons for cold feet that I've run into within my life–so I'm sure there are a ton of additional reasons that I haven't. Maybe it is your diabetes, but maybe it's something else. I've had bouts of Reynauds that caused my hands and/or feet to feel so uncomfortably cold that it felt as though nothing would warm them. I could wake up from sleep with no explanation in the middle of the night (my husband was a saint). I've also had thyroid disease for over 25 years that too left me with hot or cold bouts depending on regulation of meds (when leaning toward hypo thyroid–brrrr). Don't give up. I haven't had a bout of Reynauds in several years–and whether it's the reason or not, I attribute that to having a bit of a wake up call to taking better care of myself. I made some moves to rid my life of chemicals (ditched dryer sheets, researched laundry detergent, dish soaps, shampoos and body washes with the lowest chemical footprints, no window cleaners or air fresheners but switched to special window cloths that just utilize water and enzyme cleaners that address odors. Next, I've tried to get an appropriate amount of sleep and eat better. I've also discovered that extra tart cherry juice and also vera have a lot of health benefits and started using them regularly. In other words–take care of you. On the diabetes side–my hubby has struggled for years. No matter if he went to the gym 5 days per week or 1, he just couldn't lose weight. He tried a lot (including some of the drugs you mentioned–yes, a few mentioned weight loss as a side effect and that didn't pan out) and there were a lot of side effects. We had a friend mention addressing gut health (specifically an overgrowth of candida). He was desperate because he tried so much, and so far (not quite 6 months in) it's been successful. He's slowly lost weight since December (about 35 lbs so far) without getting back to the gym. He's hoping that losing a little more will not only benefit his blood sugars but make walking or riding a stationary bike easier. Don't give up. Talk to your Endo about your concerns. Maybe take notes so you can have a nice concise list for the doctor (if you have an online patient portal, message the doctor before your appt so he can be ready to answer your questions). Then do all of the little things that you can put "you" in the best position possible.

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Sometimes in life it is better to be limited with your budget. And what we can afford is often a matter of opinion and choice rather than actual need. Yes, I found I don't need dryer sheets which make me sneeze. And air fresheners aren't as good as vinegar in a dish, that sort of decision. Doing daily chores around the house and yard will bring my blood sugar down better than diet after I have limited the carbs that make me feel stuffed and sleepy. It is a matter of taking care of ourselves the best we can. I wear socks to bed at night after sitting to watch TV while my feet get colder and colder, and then I must take them off at 2:00 a.m. because I am too hot in bed. I am a little tired of rubbing moisturizers all the time, but I don't actually look my age, if that means much. We must study and make ourselves the priority after years of serving others and ignoring our body needs. No one else is going to do it for us, including the doctors.