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Cold feet

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Off and on I have cold feet and I understand neuropathy, so I walk fast down the hall, march in place, and wear socks to bed at night which I have to take off at 2:00 a.m. because I am warm by then from the wool blanket and from metabolism of my food which produces some heat. I don't want to rely on pills for problems as I have had bad results on many fronts, and I can feel the benefit of a little exercise to help circulation. It embarrasses me to admit it, but being more active is a wonderful improvement in all kinds of health issues. I must remember not to sit too long at my age, and to get up and do a little chore. The latest advice in nutrition is to make sure there is some good fat in each meal because a low fat diet slows down metabolism and, presto, cold feet. I use a stretch band on my feet to keep the tendon stretched, and I wear orthotic shoes which have cured my fasciitis problems. These home remedies work for me and I am 83 years young. I have never had my AIC be over 6.8 but I think it would be lower if I were more active. A couple of years ago it was only 6.2 and I am so fond of veggies that it makes a difference. I eat too much dairy products sometimes when I make homemade ice cream, but I use sweetener and the family doesn't notice the lack of sugar. I love to bake, but have learned to eat only a sliver and then give the rest away. It helps if you eat a sweet only during a balanced meal and definitely not as a snack. All these little things add up to better success.

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You seem to have a good handle on what constitutes a good diabetic diet… Since I was only diagnosed a couple of months ago, I am trying to learn more about a good varied diet that keeps me feeling satisfied and happy.. My feet are always either too hot (erythromelalgia!) or too cold (raynaud's?).. I noticed that you said we need some good fat with every meal.. so maybe that's what is causing me so much discomfort now.. I will definitely add some butter or olive oil to each meal from now on.. Also, you mention that you have a small amount of sweets now and then.. that's been missing from my diet and I'm so longing for a donut that I can almost taste one now.. Exercise like walking is out of the question for me, but I do use a stationary bicycle and ride a mile every day.. If I can get stronger I would like to pedal for a mile or two each day, but right now I need to fix my diet so I don't get all shaky and winded at one mile.. My doctor tells me that I have to get as much exercise as I can manage and I really do want to, not only for my sake but also for my dear husband.. He deserves a wife who sincerely strives to be healthier… Thank you for posting your comments and I will be following you for more tips in the future… Blessings…

It's been a long time since I've been here! but I recently discovered using simple home made rice bags that I heat in the microwave has helped me gain relief from cold feet more than anything else I've tried.. I heat them two of them together for about a minute and a half, then sit in my recliner with my feet only slightly raised.. place the bags on top of my feet and ankles.. The heat feels so good! and warms my feet slowly.. Of course I'm always wearing socks, too.. During the day I wear wool socks, but sleep in soft knit synthetic ones.. even can just roll these down from my heels so that my toes are still in socks to keep them warm. Also I use a heated mattress pad at night and that helps a lot.. I hope this simple idea helps you and others who have very cold feet..