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Can anyone tell me any advantage of a posterior approach when the patient is a good candidate for either? I had the posterior approach with all of those muscles cut, woke up with 28 staples, two drains and a lot of pain. My buddy same age as me had the anterior approach. Small incision and little pain. He was walking with a cain the next day. I spent a week with a walker.

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Hi @edmcrae, welcome to Connect. I moved your message to this existing discussion so that you can connect with other members talking about anterior vs posterior approach for total hip replacement, like @happybug @khalt @mamie. Simply click VIEW & REPLY to read past posts.

Ed, were you a candidate for either approach?

I would not go to a surgeon who still uses posterior approach. But I went the other way and went all the way to Superpath which is an improvement to Anterior. I used the surgeon who invented the approach (Jimmy Chow) and who has done more than 4,000 of them. I was operated on the AM and home by mid afternoon and after the anesthesia wore off essentially no meaningful pain.

If there is a good, experienced surgeon in your area who does Superpath, I would suggest going that way. But there might not be as it is still fairly new and doctors tend to want to stick with what they know. While I would prefer Superpath to Direct Anterior, I would prefer a surgeon who does direct anterior if the Superpath surgeon has not done a lot of them.